What am I doing writing a wellness blog for midlife women?  Well....

Gena Cornett

This is me.


As you can see, I am not some super buff, healthy weight, muscular, "rockin' the bod" fitness coach like that pretty lady on the banner at the top.  Nope.  I'm a 52-year-old woman who spent the last 30+ years raising a family and building a career.  I'm carrying some extra pounds, my hair is completely gray, and I'm not anyone's definition of "fit."

One day, I looked in the mirror and realized, "Hey, I'm not young anymore!"  I know, shocking, right?

As I stood glaring into the mirror at my no-longer-young self, I came to some additional realizations:

  • I needed to lose about 80 pounds
  • I couldn't walk very far or climb a flight of stairs without feeling winded - and forget about running anywhere!  The zombies will definitely make a nice meal of me!
  • I could no longer reach my toes.
  • My knees, and other assorted joints, were beginning to feel achy and stiff.
  • I had whiskers on my chin! (oh, the horror!)
  • My blood pressure was way too high.
  • I wasn't sleeping well.
  • I was stressed out all the time.
  • And pee would escape at the most inappropriate times (hey, y'all, just keepin' it real here).

What was a girl to do?

I got scared.  See, I work in healthcare, and I see women every day who are my age or slightly older, or even younger, who spend their days rolling around in wheelchairs from one doctor's office to the next.  Some of them even live in nursing homes.  They rely on other people to help them with their most basic and private functions.  For many of them (certainly not all!), at least part of their current disability is a result of lifestyle choices they made in the past.  In fact, millions of Americans today are living lifestyles that have a high probability of leading to chronic disability and illness in the forms of cancer, heart disease, and diabetes.

I did not want to become one of my patients!

I began to make changes, first in my mindset, and then in my lifestyle, to bring about the changes I want to see - in my body, in my energy levels, in my overall health.  

So, since this picture was taken, have I turned into a middle-aged fitness goddess or fallen apart completely?  Well, neither, actually.  But I have started down the road of taking care of myself and making the changes necessary to make the "middle-aged fitness goddess" outcome more likely (we should all set high goals for ourselves, right?)

And I thought, maybe there are other women out there who are just like me.  Maybe lots of other women are in this stage of life and wondering what they can do to lose weight, be more fit, and become more healthy.  Maybe we could support each other along the way so that we can each be successful.  Through this site, I hope to serve you and give value to you by providing education, support and resources.  My whole goal through this site is to help you believe that you CAN make changes now to improve your health and wellness.  Together, we can create a powerful tribe of empowered, strong women who are taking charge of their health and their lives. 

Won't you join me?



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