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The Bunny Trail Virtual Challenge

Did you know that less than 14% of people in the United States eat the recommended daily amount of fruit, and less than 10% eat the recommended daily amount of vegetables?  Eating enough fruits and vegetables is associated with significant improvements in health, lower risk of death, and prevention or improvement of chronic conditions such as heart disease, hypertension, and diabetes.

In this 30-level challenge, you will learn why it is important to include fruits and vegetables in your daily diet, and how to eat more fruits and vegetables every day.  This challenge is easy and fun, packed with daily lessons, mini-challenges, and quizzes.  


7 Day Water Challenge

Most of us do not drink enough water each day.  To help you build a new healthy habit of drinking water, daily, join in the 7-Day Water Challenge.  Pop over to the Yes I Can Health Facebook community and tell us you are doing the water challenge.  I'll be posting more tips there!