Daily Motivation

Focus on who you want to become, not where you are now.

Focus on who you want to become, not where you are now.

It’s happened again: Another woman beating herself up because she feels ashamed of her weight and her poor health. She said it was her own fault - poor choices, eating to much, exercising to little. That may be true, but she doesn’t need to dwell in those feelings of shame and she doesn’t need to beat herself up!

If you’re feeling shame about where you are right now, the answer doesn’t lie in making yourself feel even worse. The answer comes in loving yourself - truly loving yourself enough to begin to make changes.

Small steps, little changes, new healthy habits built one at a time, done consistently, will lead to big, life-sustaining changes over time.

Create a focus in your mind on who you want to become and realize that step by step you are getting there.

And thank and love the person that you are now for having the courage and discipline to begin the journey. The person you are now is the person whose determination and grit will get you to the person you want to be!