Daily Motivation

Start where you are. Do what you can.

Start where you are. Do what you can.

Have you seen those ads for fitness or weight loss programs where the female models are lithe, muscular, thin, incredibly flexible and very young? And you think, “Yeah, that’s not me.” And then you feel discouraged because the next thought is, “I could never do that or look like that.” And because now you’re discouraged, you begin to feel like there’s no real hope for you.

Well, guess what? There is hope for you. You don’t have to do some difficult exercise program with moves that would blow out your joints in five minutes or require you to twist yourself into a pretzel.

All you have to do is start doing something healthy. Maybe for you that is a walk to the mailbox. Maybe it’s substituting raw veggies or a fruit for a candy bar every day. Maybe it’s giving up sugary drinks.

Your starting point can be anything you want it to be, from wherever you are right now. Your journey to better health begins with One. Single. Step.

Start today to build one new healthy habit - whatever that is for you - and commit to it for the next 30 days.

I guarantee you will surprise yourself by how much progress you can make just by taking that first step.