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You've heard the words:  Over the hill.... middle-aged.... old.... the wrong side of forty....tired....overweight....stressed....out of shape.  You may have said them to yourself.  They hurt.  You may have gained some weight that is harder and harder to lose.  You might have trouble bending over and your joints feel a little stiffer all the time.  You may not be able to stretch as far as you used to.  Your energy seems to have left sometime in your mid-thirties.  You're seeing gray hairs (or maybe you've already gone gray).  Your doctor is warning you to watch your blood pressure, even as your kids are determined to raise it.  You may be caring for an elderly parent.  Heat comes in flashes, you wonder where the passion went, and who has time for fun anymore, anyway?  One day you look in the mirror and are not twenty, or thirty, or even forty anymore.

You've officially reached Midlife

Yeah, it happened to me, too.  But I'm not going to take it lying down.  Contrary to the opinions of some (ahem, teenagers), midlife is not the end of everything.  In fact, midlife can be a brand new beginning.  It all comes down to mindset.  

It is true, women in midlife face some pretty tough challenges, like menopause.  And weight gain.  And loss of muscle strength, flexibility, and mobility.  We confront the possibility of chronic illnesses and wonder how to keep ourselves healthy.  And we feel the social stress of empty nests, changing relationships, and caregiving.

Create a new beginning

But on the other hand, midlife is a great time to create a new beginning.  After years of raising children and caring for others, we can find space to take care of ourselves.  We can create places of calm in our lives.  We've weathered many storms, so we know how to face adversity with grace.  I find myself feeling amazed at the possibilities lying before me, as I realize....I'm not old yet.  In fact, age really is just a number, and how my body and mind adapt to the next largely up to me.  That's a tremendously empowering concept.  Of course, life throws us curve balls.  But we can do a lot to control and manage our physical and mental health.  I'm a strong, passionate, smart, energetic, creative woman in the prime of my life.  See?  I've replaced those dis-empowering words above with new, transformative words that speak to purpose and goals and strengths.  

Change your life

By making small, simple changes in our daily habits, we can improve our health, our mental well-being, and our lives.  Here is how you can start your personal journey to midlife health and wellness:

Download the 2018 New Year Success Planner 

This free PDF workbook will help you create your personal plan for achieving your health and fitness goals this year.  I've even created a video to walk you through the workbook step-by-step.  

Join The Yes I Can Health community

The Pride is my new FREE Facebook group for women in midlife who are focused on improving their health and wellness.  We'll share our triumphs and challenges and travel together on this road to wellness.  

Read the blog 

I add new blog articles every month to help you learn about health issues for women in midlife.  


Healthy habit challenges will help you learn to build new healthy habits.  Go to our Challenge page to learn more.


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Won't you join me on this amazing journey through midlife? 

I'd love for you to come along!