A Week of Healthy Dinner Theme Nights

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You're coming home from a long day at work and you're starving.  You're trying to get your family to eat home-cooked, healthier meals, but right now, you just want food, and you don't know what to make for dinner.  Sound familiar?

Here's a week's worth of theme dinners to help you out.  Each theme can be adjusted to fit whatever diet plan you are following, and if you aren't following a diet plan, each one is healthy.

Sunday Family Dinner Roast Night

Roast chicken or pork roast, mashed cauliflower, and roasted asparagus.  If you follow a vegan diet, substitute stuffed acorn squash or portabella mushrooms for the meat.

Monday Crockpot Soup and Sandwiches Night

Start your soup before you leave for work in the morning.  If low carbing, make an open-face sandwich on low-carb bread or no bread or add a salad instead.

Tuesday Salad and Baked Potatos Night

Start your baked potatos in the slow cooker before you leave for work.  If low carbing, skip the baked potato and add a lean protein to your salad.

Wednesday Pasta Night

Substitute zoodles or spaghetti squash for noodles if you are low-carbing

Thursday Taco Night

Use turkey meat, shrimp or fish; substitute romaine lettuce leaves or collard leaves for tortillas if you are low carbing or build a taco salad on a bed of lettuce; limit yourself to two corn tortillas if following the DASH diet.  If you are vegan, substitute beans for the meat or fish.

Friday Baked Fish Night

Baked fish (salmon or tuna is especially good for the omega-3 fatty acids) with brown rice and steamed broccoli.  Substitute a leafy salad for the rice if you are low carbing.  Vegetarians may wish to substitute tofu, tempeh, or open face "meatless" burgers.

Saturday Stir Fry Night

Create stir fry rice or grain bowls with a colorful variety of meats and/or vegetables or your choosing.  Substitute cauliflower rice for brown rice if low carbing, and use up any leftover vegetables and meats from the week.  

Each of these theme nights is flexible enough to create a variety of different meals within the theme, but easy enough to have a dinner on the table in 30 minutes or less without a lot of thought.  Following theme nights will also help with your grocery shopping by helping you create predictable shopping lists each week.

A Week of Healthy Dinner Theme Nights.png