Top 7 Reasons to Exercise

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You know you need to exercise, but it's so hard to move.  Maybe you're thinking of a project you need to complete, or it's too early to get out of bed in the morning, or you just have to watch one more episode of "The Good Wife."  

If you're being stopped in your tracks by inertia, time-frittering, or even other worthwhile endeavors, maybe it's because you've lost your sense of purpose when it comes to exercise.

When you find your why, you’ll find your way”

To stay on track with your exercise program, it's helpful to keep in mind your reasons for exercising.  Sometimes, you have to dig deep to find your reason.  Start with asking yourself a question:  "Why do I want to exercise?"  You may come up with a reason like "to stay healthy."  That's a great reason, but don't stop there - dig deeper!  Why do you want to stay healthy?  Keep asking yourself the "Why" question until you find a reason that is deeply personal and deeply meaningful to you - an answer and a purpose that will motivate you, no matter how many other things try to get in the way.

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Once you have found your reason, put it front and center so that you connect with it every day.  Write it in your journal daily, create a screensaver with your purpose on your computer or your phone so that you see it every day, or frame it and hang it on your wall.  Reconnecting with your reason daily will reinforce it's importance in your mind and help to provide the push you need.

To get you started in finding your why, here are seven great reasons to exercise daily:

1.  Lowers your risk of chronic illness, including heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and dementia

2.  Boosts your mood, lowers anxiety, and helps you find your creative mindspace

3.  Keeps muscles and bones strong

4.  Helps you sleep better

5.  Improves your sex life

6.  Lowers body fat percentage

7.  Boosts your immune system

Bonus reason:  When the zombie apocalypse happens, you will be much more likely to survive!

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